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Professional in Fashion design

Professional in Fashion design
Course overview
Fashion, an ever-evolving industry, constantly introduces new trends. From sustainable clothing to gender-fluid fashion, it's a captivating field filled with glamour. Our Diploma in Fashion Design course offers aspiring designers a chance to acquire vital skills and knowledge. It covers fashion history, design concepts, illustration, textile design, product development, and management. With a focus on manual pattern making, draping, and garment construction, students learn to apply design concepts, creating stylish and functional garments. Embrace this opportunity to enter the dynamic world of fashion and unleash your creative potential.
Course Duration

360 Hours

Finance Support

EMI available

Average Salary

15 Lakhs

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Our Modules

History of Fashion

Fashion Illustration

Manual Pattern Making


Forecasting & Trends


Application of Design

Textile Design

Draping & Garment Construction

Fashion Managemen


Career and Scope
Upon completion of the certification in fashion designing, graduates can expect placement as
Who should apply?
This Diploma in Fashion Designing course is ideal for anyone who is passionate about fashion and wants to pursue a career in fashion design, product development, or fashion management. This course is suitable for:
  • High school graduates who are interested in fashion design.
  • Graduates who want to switch careers to fashion design.
  • Fashion enthusiasts who want to learn the skills and knowledge required to create their fashion label.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the fashion industry and its workings.

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