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Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design

Diploma in Interior Architecture & Design
Course overview
Embark on an inspiring journey into interior architecture design for residential homes through our comprehensive Diploma in Interior Design program. Sustainable design's rising popularity addresses environmental concerns, and interior architects lead the way by creating energy-efficient spaces with recycled materials. Technology is revolutionising interior design, using 3D miniatures for realistic visualisations and smart home tech for energy-efficient and user-friendly environments. Earn a diploma in architecture design for abundant career opportunities and the confidence to bring sustainable design visions to life.
Course Duration

260 Hours

Finance Support

EMI options available

Average Salary

12 Lakhs

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Our Modules
Who should apply?
This course is ideal for:
  • Individuals who are interested in interior architecture and design.
  • Architects and designers who want to expand their knowledge and skills
  • Students who want to pursue a career in interior design
  • Professionals who want to switch to a career in interior design
  • Anyone with a passion for creativity and design.
Software and Tools Covered
This program covers essential software used in the industry, including

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