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Master Diploma in 3D Modeling & Animation

Master Diploma in 3D Modeling & Animation
Course overview
3D Modeling and Animation have diverse applications in 3D printing, immersive video game development, and VFX technologies. The growth of 3D printing allows the creation of physical objects from digital models through 3D animation. The demand for 3D animators in the gaming industry is on the rise. VFX is also advancing, creating a need for skilled VFX professionals. Our Master Diploma in 3D Modeling course equips aspiring professionals with the skills to create captivating 3D models and animations. Gain the essential training in 3D modeling and animation for a successful career in industries with an increasing demand for 3D content.
Course Duration

608 Hours

Finance Support

EMI options available

Average Salary

12 Lakhs

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Our Modules
Career and Scope
Upon completion of the Diploma in Animation course, graduates can explore various job roles in industries such as advertising, gaming, film, and television. Some of the job roles include:
Who should apply?
This course is best suited for,
  • Graduates seeking to build a career in 3D modeling & animation
  • Working professionals looking to upskill in the latest software and technologies
  • Individuals with a creative bent of mind looking to explore their passion for animation and VFX
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to start their own animation and VFX studios
Software and Tools Covered
Our master diploma in fashion designing introduces students to industry-standard software, including:
Software and Tools Covered
This course covers industry-leading software such as

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