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Diploma in IAD Grafx

Diploma in IAD Grafx
Course overview
By 2030, the global 3D design software market is expected to reach $12.7 billion, driving demand for skilled professionals in computer-aided design and 3D visualization. Rapidly expanding, 3D printing revolutionizes the graphics industry, enabling designers to create previously impossible objects. As the world population is growing multifold, the demand for comfortable interiors with a minimal use of space is growing high on demand. Minimalism and innovation in IAD has the potential to reshape our interactions with technology and the environment. Our diploma in interior graphic design course focuses on computer-aided design training, equipping students for careers in graphics and 3D-centered industries.
Course Duration

200 Hours

Finance Support

EMI options available

Average Salary

8 Lakhs

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Our Modules
Career and Scope
Upon completing a course on IAD Graphics one can expect to find placements in architecture, interior design, advertising, and film industries as
Who should apply?
  • Interior designers and architects looking to improve their computer-aided design skills
  • Graphic designers interested in 3D visualization and rendering
  • Students pursuing a career in architecture or interior design
  • Individuals seeking to add to their skill set in computer-aided design and visualization.
Software and Tools Covered
Learn the latest software used in the industry, including

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