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Professional in 3D Animation

Professional in 3D Animation
Course overview
Advancements in VFX and 3D animation have made groundbreaking creations like Avatar possible. With the integration of machine learning and AI, these technologies are pushing the boundaries of visual creativity. The demand for skilled professionals in visual effects and animation is growing rapidly in industries such as films, TV shows, video games, and advertising. By 2030, the global animation and VFX market is projected to reach USD 270 billion. Embrace the promising future of this field by gaining expertise in VFX and 3D animation.
Course Duration

408 Hours

Finance Support

EMI options available

Average Salary

12 Lakhs

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Our Modules
Career and Scope
This 3D modeling course provides job placement opportunities in film, TV, advertising, gaming, and architecture. Career growth is substantial, with job roles like
Who should apply?
This 3D animation course is best suited for,
  • Individuals who are passionate about art and animation
  • Graduates or undergraduates who want to start a career in the animation industry
  • Creative professionals who want to upgrade their skills in 3D Animation and VFX
  • Freelancers who want to expand their portfolio and knowledge in the field
  • Anyone who wants to explore the exciting world of 3D Animation and VFX.
Software and Tools Covered
Our master diploma in fashion designing introduces students to industry-standard software, including:
Software and Tools Covered
This 3D animation course covers a range of industry-standard software used for 3D Animation and VFX, including

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