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Master Diploma in Fashion Design

Master Diploma in Fashion Design
Course overview
In the ever-evolving world of fashion, staying ahead of trends is crucial. Our Master Diploma in Fashion Design is designed for students aspiring to up their fashion game to the level of premium events like NewYork Fashion Week or the Annual MET Ball. From exploring the latest fashion trends to mastering innovative design concepts, students get the opportunity to practice trend-relevant fashion concepts and create unique concepts. With a focus on sustainable and inclusive fashion practices, our Fashion design institute prepares students to meet the growing demand for ethical and socially responsible designs. With the rise of AI technology, we are moving towards “Virtual Fashion”. Students not only get to equip themselves with an eye for fashion but also for design technology.
Course Duration

600 Hours

Finance Support

EMI options available

Average Salary

10 Lakhs

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Our Modules

Design concept

Design Development

Product presentation

Design visualization

Product Development

Career and Scope
Upon completion of the Fashion Designer Course, graduates can expect immediate job placement in reputed fashion houses, garment manufacturing companies, or as;
Who should apply?
This Fashion illustration course is ideal for individuals who:
  • Aspire to become professional fashion designers
  • Have a passion for creativity and innovation in fashion
  • Seek a comprehensive education in fashion design
  • Desire to launch their own fashion label or start a fashion-related business
  • Wish to enhance their existing fashion design skills for career advancement
Software and Tools Covered
Our master diploma in fashion designing introduces students to industry-standard software, including:

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