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Air Conditioning & Maintenance

We take temperature control seriously and leave nothing to chance. All installations start with a consultation at your premises to establish your unique requirements. Once ADKI has a clear understanding of the needs of your particular location, we set about designing a bespoke solution that provides both the layout and functionality required.
Types Of Air Conditioning Systems That We Install Air Conditioning Systems

Wall Mounted System

WALL MOUNTED SYSTEM With stylish indoor units, a wide range of models and controls for each room, wall mounted air to air heat pumps give you comfortable, energy efficient solutions for your living room, bedroom, office etc.

Under Ceiling Mounted System

These are well-suited to large and long rooms. They provide powerful air flow and are significantly more powerful than standard wall units and can therefore reduce the number of units needed.
This reduces installation costs where multiple units are required.

Floor Standing Units

The most effective way to air condition a conservatory is by using console units. Conservatories are mostly made of glass and in most instances, the height of the solid wall rarely exceeds one metre. A console unit can conveniently be attached to the wall beneath the glass.

Ceiling Cassette System

CEILING CASSETTE SYSTEM Efficient and relatively unobtrusive, a ceiling cassette system is an elegant way of providing air conditioning. As the name suggests, these devices are installed on the ceiling, which helps to provide more space on the floor, making them ideal for small rooms.
As well as effectively regulating the temperature of the room, their sleek aesthetics can complement the design of the modern office.

Ducted System

A winning trait of a ducted air conditioning system is its ability to almost fully conceal itself from the room, with only the small grilles being noticeable. As well as being able to neatly blend in with the property, they are very effective in cooling large rooms in a very short space of time.
This combination of aesthetics and efficiency makes them a favourite for office owners.

Installation Of Multi Room Air Conditioning

Install guest controlled heating & cooling in MULTI ROOMS by, minimizing electrical loading and external space used.


We provide scheduled services where we commit to a programme of agreed maintenance tasks throughout the year, as well as a rapid response service available 24/7 for those unexpected instances.
All of our service contracts are bespoke and built around your specific requirements. Once you have contacted us, we will assign a member of staff to discuss your individual needs, identifying what is important to you. We have experience with all the major brand names. Without regular maintenance, air conditioning units are vulnerable to wear and tear and are at an increased risk of breakdowns.
In addition to incurring unwanted costs, the loss of air conditioning can cause unnecessary discomfort for individuals spending long periods of time in hot, poorly ventilated rooms or buildings. This does not take into consideration the hassle of arranging for emergency repair work.
This can all be avoided by a frequent service and maintenance package. Well-maintained equipment will keep running at peak performance and can assist in reducing energy bills.